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Dana Net Company Profile

·     Dana Net Co. is known with its different core activities such as Software Development, Information Technology, Consultation & Security Systems . With multiple & complex solutions in various fields

·     Dana Net    Web based Performance Management System (PMS) that assess & evaluate Organizational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will enable managers to monitor organizational unit’s performance & production through specific indicators in a form of numeric values on a real time dash board system DED or through specialized meters and graphs. The manager will instantly be alerted when any of the indicators is out of expected range. Reports in form of Balanced Scorecard are generated based on a real time values extracted from various activates.

·      From business intelligence to web-based applications to embedded systems, Dana Net can help you apply existing and emerging technologies in various fields such as Training, Career Development, Competency & Tasks Analysis Using a mix of Dacum & Front End Analysis Approach in order to reach job assigned tasks and by Gap analysis we can identify all training needs, all of that plus training management is done through a specialized DanaNet Developed software. We can assist you to realize a competitive advantage and capitalize on new business opportunities.

·      Dana Net has also multiple solutions for Real-estate Management, Construction & Industrial Projects Managements.

·      Dana Net    ERP e-commerce: procurement, e-tendering, inventory & Warehouse& cataloging management systems will provide you with an edge toward managing your purchasing process and warehouse & inventory.

·   We are also specialized in networks planning, installation & maintenance with a very high performance & security at a very competitive price !


·      Smart Security Systems for Commercial, Military & Residential Buildings & Facilities.

Dana Net   Major Products من أهم منتجات  دانانت
· Workflow Managment System (Optimized) · نظام إدارة سير إجراءات العمل (المختصرة)
· Performance Management System (PMS) (KPIs) · نظام إدارة الأداء للأفراد والمؤسسات
· Individual Development Planning (IDP) System · نظام إدارة تطوير وتدريب العاملين
· Human Resources Management System (HRMS) · نظام إدارة الموارد البشرية
· Real-estate Management System · نظام إدارة العقارات
· ERP Solution (Procurement, Inventory, Warehouse, · نظام الإدارة التجاري لإدارة (المشتريات والمخزون
     e-Tendering ,Vendors..etc )    والموردين والمخازن والمناقصات الإلكترونية)
· Documents Management & Archiving Workflow System · النظام المتميز لإدارة وحفظ الوثائق وسير العمل
· Maintenance & Operations & Fleet Management System · نظام إدارة العمليات والصيانة والأسطول
· Election Management System · نظام إدارة الانتخابات


Custom Software Solutions

Dana Net has a proven track record of developing custom software solutions for corporate, industrial, small business and government clients. DanaNet can help you create software solutions tailored to your specific needs … solutions that fit the way you want to run your business. If software development is a key area in the future for your company, DanaNet offers you the knowledge and experience to design, construct, and implement your projects effectively.

  • Corporate, government, industrial, small business
  • Training & Development Applications ( ASTD Certified Consultants )
  • Task & Competency Analysis using a specialized DanaNet Software
  • Stand-alone and networked desk-top applications
  • Web-based Solutions & Applications
  • Dash-Boards & Smart Workflow
  • Database design and development
  • User interface design
  • Smart Reporting
  • Systems integration
  • Relational Data interchange & Migration
  • Legacy system integration and migration

Software Construction

·          Dana Net help you creating great software because of our skills, proficiency. Like building a house, a successful software development project requires resource planning, progress reporting and change management. DanaNet utilizes proven software engineering practices to deliver software on time and on budget.

Our software construction Applications includes different fields such as:


  • Projects & Real Estate Management
  • Industrial Operations, Sales & Marketing Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Project Scheduling and Timeline Development
  • Project Tracking and Reporting
  • Client involvement
  • Change Management
  • Design and Code Reviews
  • Source Code Management
  • Standards and Procedures
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Documentation
  • User Documentation
  • Implementation and Deployment
  • Technical Support

Web Applications

Dana Net   offers a full range of  web development  services - from simple, static "web brochures" to e-commerce solutions. We have extensive experience in the development of corporate intranet applications using a variety of "back-end" database and server platforms. We can help you design and develop new web-based applications, convert existing networked desktop applications to intranet applications, or create web-based interfaces to your legacy systems.

       • Web Site Design
       • Web Application Development
       • Web-based Reporting
       • Intranet Application Development
       • E-Commerce
       • Web Services (.NET)
       • ASP, JavaScript, IIS, SQL Server, Commerce Server
       • Legacy systems integration
       • Legacy systems migration to web-based application




Database Development

·      Dana Net Information technology solutions often involve the storage and retrieval of data.  A solid, well-engineered database design provides the foundation for a successful software development project.  A poorly designed database increases overall development costs and can adversely impact the performance, scalability and future evolvement of the application.

·       We believe that good database design begins with good requirements definition.  We work with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of the meaning of the data to be stored as well as the processes to be modeled by the database application.

·       DanaNet has extensive experience in creating database solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our clients -- from compact flat-file storage techniques to complex relational database solutions.

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Access
  • Client-Server Applications
  • Distributed N-Tier Application Architecture
  • Data Replication

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